Risk Assessment

Donors, international organisations as well as companies that work internationally often face situation where solid analysis help them make informed decision and in such a manner – mitigate risks. In a globalised world organisations and companies products, services and business activities in general have multiple stakeholders. The latters are vital in ensuring the impact and the sustainability of those companies and organisations. Therefore, it is important for internationally oriented companies and organisations to win trust, loyalty, and commitment to common goals and principles from their stakeholders. For this, they must know who their stakeholders are.

Moreover, companies and organisations benefit largely by keeping a figure on countries’ political scene and local social, economic, and political developments. Therefore, country analysis and the political risk assessments provide solid background for decision-making that saves companies to make business decisions on hunch and provides them with basis for informed decision-making.

Peruse Company combines area knowledge with the understanding of local political and cultural realities, with solid theoretical political science background, large professional networks and language capacities and provides the following:

  • Stakeholder Analysis
  • Country Analysis
  • Political, Social & Human Rights Risk Assessment